Golden Seal Root – Miracle Treatment for COPD

Is there a miracle HERB that is the key to treat COPD, without any other medication or inhalers, and will provide a MUCH HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE?

 QUESTIONS & TESTIMONIALS below, with free complete details for your preparation of the miracle herb included.


Would you or your Loved Ones that have COPD like to stop using expensive Inhalers forever?

  • Would you like to stop your COPD cough, and your coughing up mucus from your lung day-and-night?
  • Would you like to breathe almost normally instead of short-jerking breathing during the day and all night-long?
  • Do you want to enjoy a much higher quality of life than normal COPD patients do today?
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February 18, 2017

by:  John Gudgel, Owner of this website –  I am not affiliated with any of the companies listed here and I do not receive any compensation whatsoever.

I read an article on a medical sponsored COPD website that reported the following basic text as I remember it:

The Golden Seal Root herb has been used by the North American Indians for Lung infection for the last 300 years.  The herb does three basic things; (1) It liquefies the mucus, (2) It removes the mucus from the lung air-passages, (3) It creates a chemical reaction of some sort to prevent the mucus from reoccurring.

I was familiar with the Golden Seal Root herb in the more potent Extract form.  It had been prescribed to me for an effective method to balance my immune system.  I grasped the importance of the herb’s importance immediately, because my wife had COPD for several years and it was getting very bad.  The night before I receive the herb my wife cough so much she ask me if I thought she was going to die.  The next morning, we received the Golden Seal Root Extract which is in a liquid form.  I gave my wife one table spoon three time a day for a 30-day period.  I would consider this amount of Golden Seal Root Extract the very maximum dosage, however, I was desperate for my wife to live.  We did not take any more Golden Seal Root Extract for 10.5 months.  Then my wife began coughing again with mucus.  We determined she had Pneumonia, and on occasions she would get Bronchitis, and both require very specific medications.  My wife died at the age of 77.  But before she died in a Pueblo Colorado hospital, her ICU Pulmonary Medical Doctor asked me to come into her ICU room.  He showed me his tool he uses to vacuum mucus and other debris out of COPD patient’s lungs.  He said he looked down into my wife’s lung and did not see any mucus.  Then he said he looked for other debris such as vomiting and other stuff.  Then he said there was no debris in her lung ether.  He said her lung was perfectly clean.  I told him she takes Golden Seal Root Extract.  He replied “I read that.”  It was at that very moment, I knew I must tell the whole world about this miracle herb that blessed my wife with such a HIGH QUALITY of Life.  I could not let our experience with this miracle herb for COPD disappear upon my death, because it would benefit millions and millions of individuals around the world.

The dosage and simple instructions for mixing the herb is below:

Dosage of the Golden Seal Root Extract for my Wife’s COPD:

One-teaspoon, up to One-tablespoon of Golden Seal Root Extract twice a day (1-in the morning, and 1-in the evening) for (30) days, only.   Then stop until he/she starts that COPD cough again, then repeat the dosage again.

The patient cannot use inhalers, or other breathing medications that may inhibit the effectiveness of the Golden Seal Extract.  The exception to the rule is the Nebulizer.  Always use the Nebulizer whenever required to keep the patient’s oxygen level above 87 or brain cells will be destroyed.

Important Note #1: Golden Seal Root Extract cannot heal the lungs that have already been damaged by COPD such as not being able to walk very far without running out of air (oxygen), but the patient will have a huge improvement in their comfort and daily life style as well as possibly an extended life term, assuming other health issues are not present.

Important Note #2:  My wife had Sinus issues.  I would give her 1-Sinus pill in the morning, and 1-Sinus pill before she went to bed.  I used the 12-Hour Decongestant pills, Walmart Generic brand behind the counter (20 Coated Caplets) that cost $5-6 (USD) per box.  The importance of this Note is that when mucus would fall down from her Sinuses into her throat it would cause her to cough and the mucus would be spit out of her mouth.  This procedure was used to minimize the confusion that this sinus mucus and cough was an indication Herb medication was needed again.  Do not be confused with a Sinus drainage issue causing you to think the Herb treatment is required when it is not a COPD lung issue.  Pneumonia and Bronchitis can also mislead you, because they are not COPD issues, and require specific medications.  See your medical doctor for their diagnosis before taking Golden Seal Root Extract again.

Sources for the correct type of Golden Seal Root Powder Organic:

You can select from many herb suppliers, but the herb must be pure and certified clean.  Yes, people sell herbs that are not pure, and not clean, wherein your result could be zero and even dangerous. The following is the source we used, but you should make your own choice of a supplier.
Item Number: 209335-51
Golden Seal Root Powder Organic (Hydrastis Canadensis), Origin: United States
Kosher Certified by Kosher Certification Services. Certified Organic by QAI, Inc. USDA Organic

 Mixing Instructions:

MIXING the Golden Seal Root Powder (Organic) for conversion to an Extract for more potent strength.

( We used the Alcohol-Based Extract.  )

Mixing RATIO for Alcohol-Based Extracts:

16 ounces (1 pound) Herb

16 ounces of Alcohol (VODKA or Brandy)

64 ounces of Distilled Water

 Mixing RATIO for Alcohol-Free Based Extracts:

16 ounces (1 pound) Herb

16 ounces Vegetable Glycerin

120 mg Potassium Glycerin

64 ounces Distilled Water

     (Mix Glycerin, Potassium Benzoate, and water in stainless steel pot with electric mixer until Potassium Benzoate is dissolved.  Then add herb and mix until saturated.)

Process for 21 days in bucket:   Mark on processing board and bucket or plastic one gallon container:

Date prepared:_______________________

Amount of herb:______________________

Herb name:__________________________

Alcohol or A/F:_______________________

Lot Number:_________________________

Mix  Date:___________________________